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30 Days of Sustainability needs an online community coordinator

Passionate about sustainability? Wired into the online world? 30 Days of Sustainability needs an online community coordinator. Vancouver’s 30 Days of Sustainability – an annual celebration of sustainability and its role in the world – needs a passionate,...

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Don’t worry: that new search box is totally Lijit

Those of you who aren't willing to content yourselves with the feed from this blog, who are willing to brave seeing my mug on top of every page just so you can read these posts in all their original glory... your sacrifices have not been in vain. Over on the...

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You could be The Tyee’s new webmaster

One of the nicest, most talented folks in Vancouver's independent media scene is leaving town. Dawn Buie is off to Toronto... which means there's a dream job opening up at The Tyee: Position title: Webmaster, Full time Salary: Competitive; based on experience...

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Derek Miller shares his cancer treatment

I've never met Derek Miller; I've seen him on a panel, corresponded with him, spoken on the phone once, read his blog countless times and – like much of the podcastiverse – heard and enjoyed his music. Yet I feel like I know the guy well (partly because he's a...

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WordPress 2.1 is out…

...and it's full of little improvements. Probably the biggest one is in the posting interface, which is now tabbed, and lets you switch seamlessly from a WYSIWYG editor (which, mercifully, finally seems to work) to a modified HTML pane. The news is here on the...

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SL meets GPL

Holy cow: the Second Life client has just gone open-source: [W]e welcome the inevitable with open arms. Stepping up the development of the Second Life Grid to everyone interested, I am proud to announce the availability of the Second Life client source code for you to...

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Public speaking and speechwriting: the essential guides

(photo of books with text) Leadership communications: the essential guides

Looking for advice on public speaking, speechwriting and leadership communications? Here are some of my most comprehensive posts, on topics that people ask me about most often.

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