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Speechlist Issue #5: Seven steps to powerful quotations

Issue 5 - January 25, 2006 IN THIS ISSUE... 1. Opening words 2. Feature article: Can I quote you on that? 3. Catch Rob at the Ragan Speechwriting Conference, February 8-10 4. Your reading list 5. Ever thought of blogging? 6. Subscribing, unsubscribing and passing...

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Bloggers 1, Bulte 0

I have a story in this week's Straight Goods on the Sarmite Bulte affair, where bloggers turned a Liberal MP's cozy relationship with large media rights-holders into an election issue: There were other factors at play, of course. Mayor David Miller endorsed Nash as...

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I (heart) Scott Feschuk’s blog

The campaign is over. And whether you're stocking up on canned food because the barbarians are pounding on the gates, or delighted because you've never gone in for the country's whole "Ooh, we're so Canadian! We have Medicare and most of us are unarmed!" thing, maybe...

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Great roundup of social media and the 2006 campaign

If you want the low-down on how the parties used social media (such as blogs, tagging and newsfeeds) in the campaign that culminates in Monday's vote, then drop by Kate Trgovac's site. She has links to five articles she wrote for the One Degree internet marketing web...

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Gung Haggis Fat Choy

A quick note: I keep meaning to mention Todd Wong and the GungHaggisFatChoy blog. Throughout this campaign, Todd has kept up gentle but relentless pressure on the Chinese head tax redress issue -- on his blog and in the media. He's been very open about his growing...

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Watch the results with the digerati

Darren Barefoot is gathering the clans for drinks on election night, Jan. 23: Last week, I suggested that we have a little get-together to watch the election. After careful consideration, we’re going to meet at the Library Square Public House. Here are the details:...

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Introducing Confeederation

There are a surprising number of blogging candidates in this election... but how to keep on top of all of them? Here's one answer (and the latest Social Signal project): Confeederation. Confeederation is your one-stop source to read blog posts from candidates in the...

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Next issue of SpeechList coming out soon — sign up now!

Late last year, I asked SpeechList readers for their suggestions for topics in upcoming issues. The response was terrific, with a wide variety of ideas. The next issue is coming out very soon, with a feature article -- suggested by a reader -- on how to use a...

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Links in lieu of writing

I'm on the job in Montreal this week, so there hasn't been a lot of time for actual blogging. But here's some of the stuff that's turned up in my late-night surfing ... and no, don't panic; it's all office-safe: Spy vs. Spyware: Over at, my brother (I...

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The cut-and-paste politician: John Sprovieri

The issues page on John Sprovieri's web page is blank now, and that's a pity. The Bramalea-Gore-Malton Conservative candidate had a comprehensive round-up of the issues facing the voters. The voters of Surrey, that is. As reported yesterday by the incomparable Sean...

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