Via Mark on Media, Rob Hyndman gives you the rundown on the Sam Bulte affair – from Michael Geist‘s initial post, through coverage in the mainstream media and interest from other campaigns, to Joey deVilla’s relentless multimedia campaign – and makes a few pertinent observations:

  • Blogging and RSS technology dramatically simplify the task of distributing information, and facilitate collaboration and organization. Together with e-mail and the web generally, large groups of people can be quickly informed, can share opinions and can individually and collectively act much more efficiently.
  • Before these technologies were developed, publication of this information by individuals would have been much more time consuming and expensive, would have had limited reach, and would have been largely dependent on the interest and political viewpoints of the mainstream media.
  • Virtually anyone can now easily and inexpensively record audio and video.
  • Compression and streaming technologies allow video to be easily streamed on the internet from anywhere to anywhere. P2P technologies like Bit Torrent lower the publisher’s bandwidth costs of distributing rich media, and accelerate the spread of the media.

The game is changing very, very quickly.