Executive and leadership communications

I help leaders in government, labor, business and advocacy organizations shape their messages and connect with their audiences.

I’ve been the lead speechwriter on national election campaigns, coached leaders for televised debates, and written speeches for everything from government budgets to countless keynotes.

And I coach speakers and the people who support them on personal leadership communications.

Want to move audiences to action in support of your big idea? We should talk.


From high-stakes keynotes to after-dinner humor, I can help you hit the right note while delivering your message with power.

Presentation coaching

Make every line count with an authentic, honest performance that moves hearts and minds in the audience.

Message and strategy

Integrate all of your leadership communications in one coordinated platform for positive change.

From my blog…

Stop warming up on-stage

I had a massive "aha" moment about speaker coaching earlier today when I discovered a client likes to spend a few minutes at the beginning of a speech getting comfortable "and warming the crowd up." I realized abruptly that he isn't warming the crowd up — he's warming...

Media training shouldn’t make you “fake.”

Say the words "media training” to someone, and chances are good they'll have pretty much the same reaction musical artist Grimes did: https://twitter.com/Grimezsz/status/998741089346437120 To a lot of people, media training is a course in how to duck tough questions,...

Public speaking photos, free to use

A confession: I bought a stock photo of a microphone and auditorium five or six years ago, and I've been using the same damn photo? ever since. What's more, a lot of other people have been using the same photograph too. (And not without reason. It's a natural: the...

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