Executive and leadership communications

I help leaders in government, labor, business and advocacy organizations shape their messages and connect with their audiences.

I’ve been the lead speechwriter on national election campaigns, coached leaders for televised debates, and written speeches for everything from government budgets to countless keynotes.

And I coach speakers and the people who support them on personal leadership communications.

Want to move audiences to action in support of your big idea? We should talk.


From high-stakes keynotes to after-dinner humor, I can help you hit the right note while delivering your message with power.

Presentation coaching

Make every line count with an authentic, honest performance that moves hearts and minds in the audience.

Message and strategy

Integrate all of your leadership communications in one coordinated platform for positive change.

From my blog…

Getting better feedback

"Could you read this?" a friend asked me, handing over the manuscript for his novel. "I'd love your feedback." So I did. I read all 200 pages and made detailed notes about story, character and voice. How the dramatic structure needed tightening, the personal stakes...

Don’t make your audience unsubscribe from your speech

I just sent this in response to “Why are you unsubscribing from us?” (on the third screen you had to click through to unsubscribe): The constant stream of “ALERT!” “URGENT” and other messages just got too much. If everything is urgent, then nothing is. I know the data...

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