About me

 I’m Rob Cottingham. 

For nearly 30 years, I’ve been helping leaders in government, business and advocacy engage with audiences in both the digital and offline worlds.

I’m Canada’s leading progressive speechwriter, writing for party leaders in national election campaigns, cabinet ministers, CEOs, university presidents, labour leaders.

And I’ve coached leaders on speaking at everything from an intimate gathering of high-worth potential donors to nationally-televised debates.

I’ve been immersed in digital engagement from the days of dial-up online forums of the early 1980s.

My wife Alexandra Samuel and I launched social media agency Social Signal in 2005, and created ground-breaking online community projects for clients including BC Hydro, TechSoup and Vancity.

I speak on leadership communications and online engagement. And I provide training and facilitation to government departments, political parties and conferences on everything from basic speaking and speechwriting skills to online advocacy.

My blog has covered a wide range of topics since its first post in 2001, and now focuses on leadership communications. I also draw the Noise to Signal cartoon on life, work and business in the digital era, and perform in a variety of venues as a standup comic.