If you want the low-down on how the parties used social media (such as blogs, tagging and newsfeeds) in the campaign that culminates in Monday’s vote, then drop by Kate Trgovac’s site.

She has links to five articles she wrote for the One Degree internet marketing web site, analyzing each of the parties and their approach to the blogospheriverse. As befits the manager of web evolution for PetroCanada, she clearly understands what’s changed with the advent of blogging and its social kin, and she has some superb suggestions that party webmasters would be well-advised to heed.

And like me, she was very, very impressed by the online campaign waged by Paul Summerville, the NDP candidate in St. Paul’s, whose web address has graced these pages more than once. Honestly — no other campaign in this election has done as much as his to push the boundaries of what’s possible online. No matter what the outcome is on Monday (and I have my hopes that Paul could pull off a surprise), I hope he and his web team can keep the nascent community growing on that site, and share what they’ve learned with the rest of the party.