…and it’s full of little improvements. Probably the biggest one is in the posting interface, which is now tabbed, and lets you switch seamlessly from a WYSIWYG editor (which, mercifully, finally seems to work) to a modified HTML pane.

The news is here on the WordPress blog, along with a list of enhancements and bug fixes.

One problem I’ve encountered: only a few buttons on that WYSIWYG editor’s toolbar showed up when I first installed it. The fix for Firefox users, courtesy of support board member dragolich, is to enable all of the options in Preferences / Content / Allow Javascript / Options.

That said, I’m having a serious issue with the “link” popup dialog box (it just arose as I tried to add a link). More soon.

Updated: It’s little comfort, but others are having the same problem with the WYSIWYG link box. Rather than being a true popup window, it’s part of the page (I’m guessing they do it with layers). It appears without any “submit” or “cancel” buttons, and can’t be closed; once that happens, I can no longer access the page, and I have to navigate away from the post-writing page.

Updated (and possibly resolved): Commenter JoGuWi recommends ensuring all of the Javascript options are enabled, and then flushing your Firefox cache (Under Preferences / Privacy / Private Data, click the “Clear now…” button and check only the “Cache” item before clicking “Clear private data now”).

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