Good news for anyone who likes the stuff that Vancity‘s been up to online: William Azaroff, their in-house visionary, is shifting his blogging into high gear:

I have recently been asked why I don’t give my opinion about web 2.0, social marketing, banking, etc on my blog. Why I limit it to a more frivolous link blog. I was surprised by the question: lots of people are talking social web and FIs [financial institutions].

[…] But then it occured to me, all of those are written by people outside of an FI. They’re written by supporters, vendors, partners, but not insiders. So I’m branching out and will start blogging more about trends I’m seeing, things I’m focusing on, ideas percolating under the surface.

A big welcome to William. And if you’re interested in the intersection of social marketing, social media and banking, there’s a new must-read feed for your aggregator.