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British Columbia, British health care?

The fine folks at the BC Health Coalition have asked me to spread the word about an important workshop they're hosting: The British Invasion! Would UK -style changes to our health care system benefit patients - or corporations? Come help celebrate the launch of the BC...

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Turn It Off! BC gaining momentum on Facebook

Sometime in the next hour or two, the Turn It Off! BC Facebook group will surpass 700 members. This, from a group I started a few weeks ago by inviting fewer than a dozen friends to participate. If you haven't checked out Facebook, and you're looking for new ways to...

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Conservatives fold, Ecotrust Canada gets its name back

There's a white flag flying in Ottawa: The Honourable John Baird, Minister of the Environment, today apologized to Ecotrust Canada for any inconvenience that may have ensued since the launch of the $1.5 billion Canada ecoTrust for Clean Air and Climate Change. After...

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Help wanted at The Tyee

A nice little job opportunity came in over the transom. Check it out and see if it's your dream job (or a friend's dream job): Online Ad Sales Associate, Full time Salary: Competitive; based on experience Application deadline: Wednesday May 2nd, 2007 Start date: Mid...

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Turn It Off! British Columbia meets Facebook

The 30 Days of Sustainability 2007 site has gone live (and if a few of us at Social Signal look a little more relaxed today than we have for the last week, that's a big reason)... and with it, a new initiative from the ever-inventive 30 Days folks. They're calling it...

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William Azaroff ramps up his blogging

Good news for anyone who likes the stuff that Vancity's been up to online: William Azaroff, their in-house visionary, is shifting his blogging into high gear: I have recently been asked why I don't give my opinion about web 2.0, social marketing, banking, etc on my...

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IMPACS declares bankruptcy

I'm stunned: IMPACS, the Institute for Media Policy and Civil Society, announced yesterday that it's declaring bankruptcy. And it's pointing a finger at the Harper government's budget cuts last year. IMPACS is – was – a provider of communications training...

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30 Days of Sustainability needs an online community coordinator

Passionate about sustainability? Wired into the online world? 30 Days of Sustainability needs an online community coordinator. Vancouver’s 30 Days of Sustainability – an annual celebration of sustainability and its role in the world – needs a passionate,...

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