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Communities adapt.

Amazing what people will put up with to keep a community alive. (And it sure doesn't hurt if there are market forces involved.)

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Nine out of 10 (spin) doctors agree

If you watch TV news in Canada, you might want to keep your eyes open for stories about household germs. The "news" may actually be a cleverly-packaged bit of spin on behalf of Lysol, according to this article from the Center for Media and Democracy: A B-roll video --...

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Follow an artist’s creation, beginning to end

One of my favourite people on the planet, Randy Twaddle of ttweak, is not just a talented communications and branding strategist – he's also an artist who creates pieces of startling beauty (especially for those of us who both cherish words and futz around with...

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Back to doodling!

There are few goads to action like seeing someone do very well at an activity you've let drop. I've been inspired by a friend and accomplished cartoonist, Sarah Leavitt (plug: she sells a hilarious collection of fridge magnets), to break out the sketch pad and markers...

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Public speaking and speechwriting: the essential guides

(photo of books with text) Leadership communications: the essential guides

Looking for advice on public speaking, speechwriting and leadership communications? Here are some of my most comprehensive posts, on topics that people ask me about most often.

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