Leadership communications with Rob Cottingham

30 years ago this spring, I wrote my first speech as a professional — and started a career in leadership communications that has now spanned three decades.

To celebrate, I’ve launched a speechwriting and public speaking podcast: 30 short episodes with the key lessons I’ve learned in the business of planning, crafting and delivering powerful speeches.

Check for the latest episode every Tuesday and Thursday.

Ep. 24. Review your performance

Who are the top performers who need to review their performances so they can improve? Athletes… actors… and speakers like you! This episode, let’s talk about how to review and improve your speaking and your content.

Ep. 23. Go all in

This episode ties together everything we’ve talked about around speech delivery with one big idea for truly powerful speaking: commitment.

Ep. 22. Own the space

Break out of the lectern cage! Make the stage your own… and learn how to use movement to deepen your presentation’s connection to your audience.

Ep. 21. Make the most of your voice on stage

When you treat your voice as an instrument (and not an afterthought!) great things happen to your speeches… and to your audiences. This episode we break down three powerful vocal tools: pitch, pace and volume.

Ep. 17. Practice. No, really practice.

Think rehearsal and preparation kill your spontaneity? This episode could change your mind — by showing you how rehearsal actually frees you to make spontaneous choices in the moment. Tips, techniques… and an excuse to use coloured highlighters. What more could you ask from a podcast?

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