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It can be tempting to sell from the stage… especially when you know some of the people in your audience could be great customers. But resist that temptation. Here’s why you should leave the sales pitch behind when you head to the mic — and how you can do a much better sales job if you aren’t selling.

Links: Go listen to The Freenoter, a great podcast by Tamsen Webster and Tom Webster about making unpaid speaking opportunities pay off for you and your audience — without selling from the stage.

Tamsen and Tom (and, indirectly, I) quote the great and mighty Mitch Joel.

Music: Theme: “Good Times” by Podington Bear (

Incidental music by Lee Rosevere ( including “4th Avenue Walkup,” “Solutions(a),” and “Puzzle Pieces.” Used under a Creative Commons license.

“Stage Seller’s Rag” composed and performed by Rob Cottingham. The album drops next month… into a bay, weighted down by rocks.