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Cancelled speaking gigs are a fact of life, but never more than today. And hey: with social distancing and disease prevention rightly taking precedence over oratory, we know better than to feel sorry for ourselves over postponed conferences and scrubbed events.

But when you’re left holding a speech without a stage to deliver it on, what’s your next move? Instead of letting all your work writing and preparing your presentation go to waste, try these suggestions for getting some real value out of that broken speaking date.

This is the third episode of our five-episode series looking at leadership communications in the midst of the coronavirus crisis.

Links: Episode 27 goes into more depth on ways you can spin great content from a speech.

The Nonprofit Technology Network hosts my absolute favourite annual conference. They announced this week they’re cancelling it for the year, which is devastating for them because it’s where most of their revenue comes from. They do terrific work helping nonprofits make the most of digital tech, and they could really use your support.

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Photo: Tim Mossholder on Unsplash