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With so many face-to-face presentations being cancelled, a lot of speakers are looking at going virtual. But with webinars and online conferences suddenly getting a second look, it’s important to keep in mind their special demands.

This episode, we talk to presentation coach, theorist, blogger, speaker and author Dr. Nick Morgan about what we lose when we go virtual, and how to make up some of that lost emotional connection. And we’ll hear from author and (her delightful description) camp counselor for grownups Kim Werker. In roughly a week, she’s had to move an event months in the planning into cyberspace. She’ll tell us all about it.

This is part of a series on how leadership communicators are grappling with the coronavirus pandemic.


Here’s Nick’s book on restoring clarity and connection to online conversations, Can You Hear Me? And be sure to check out his classic on moving audiences to action, Give Your Speech, Change the World.

I love everything about Kim’s book Mighty Ugly. And this might be the perfect time to subscribe to her podcast, Mighty Creative. Kim has a great Twitter thread summarizing how her team took their event online. (And that event itself is A Multi-Faith Discussion on the Climate Emergency.)

Music: All music by Lee Rosevere. Theme: “Twitter Will Kill Us All.” Used under a Creative Commons license.

Image: Based on a photo by Lucrezia Carnelos on Unsplash