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If sharing really is caring, then the content you share needs to be content you really care about — and content your audience will care about too.

This episode we look at content curation… and why just shovelling links onto Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn without care or context isn’t just bad for your reputation: Right now, it’s dangerous to your audience.


  • I mentioned those mysterious letters “RSS”, which really can make your life easier! If you’re baffled, here’s a pretty good primer.
  • Feedly is my newsreader of choice. (My wife and I still feel resentful about what happened to Google Reader.)
  • By the way, the great OG RSS explainer video (which helped launch a thousand imitators) comes from Lee and Sachi Lefever. Some of the references are a little dated nearly a decade later, but I still love it.
  • Talkwalker is a handy tool with a free option for searching social media for mentions of keywords, hashtags and usernames.

Music: All music by Lee Rosevere. Theme: “Twitter Will Kill Us All.” Used under a Creative Commons license.

Photo: Jessica Lee on Unsplash