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On murdering one’s darlings, dahling

Having reviewed my posts over the last several years, I've realized that they're almost entirely made up of darlings. In fact, if you check the source code, you'll see I make liberal use of the little-known <darling> tag. (By the way, a lot of folks attribute...

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Join me at the IABC/BC Bronze Quill awards!

I'm going to be emceeing (take that, autocorrect!) the IABC/BC Bronze Quill awards next Wednesday night, June 12, at the swishy Renaissance Vancouver Harbourside. (For everyone who is suddenly consumed with anxiety at that news, the organizers have spoken with me and...

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Life Cycle of a Dumb Tweet

1 For whatever reason – not enough food with the wine at dinner, a coup d'état in the brain where the amygdala seizes control, or just a moment of weakness – someone in a position of prominence and authority posts a Dumb Tweet. 2 Others read the Dumb Tweet and retweet...

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Whatever the opposite of “Presentation Zen” is

It always warms my heart a little when separate spheres of my life bump into each other. And my webcomic-reading, cartoon-drawing sphere just nudged my public-speaking sphere in the latest installment of John Allison’s webcomic Bad Machinery.

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