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Well over a year into online presentations as the norm, people are getting pretty good at it… but some mistakes are still cropping up again and again.

In this two-episode series, we’ll meet the seven deadly sins of remote presenting — from not looking at the camera, to not knowing your platform. And then we’ll look at how to flip those sins into shining, saintly virtues.


  • My wife Alexandra Samuel has co-written a terrific new book on making the most of remote work, called Remote, Inc. Highly recommended for making the most of the new workplace!
  • Tamsen Webster‘s new book Find Your Red Thread is an absolute must-read for crafting messages that move audiences. And stay tuned, because she’s joining me for an upcoming episode!

Music: All music is by Lee Rosevere. The theme music is “Twitter Will Kill Us All.” Used under a Creative Commons license.

Photo: Cullan Smith on Unsplash