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How to support the troops and not necessarily the war

Commenting on my post a few weeks ago, Darren Barefoot isn't sure you can support the troops without supporting the war: That always struck me as wishy-washy, and seemed to render these troops as unthinking automatons or poor saps who are just doing their job. The...

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Bill Tieleman joins the conversation

Here's a welcome development: Bill Tieleman, one of BC's liveliest political voices, has jumped into the blogging world: Bill Tieleman is one of BC's best known communicators, political commentators and strategists. Bill writes a politics column Tuesdays in 24 Hours...

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Marketing 1.0 1, Marketing 2.0 0: Death of a blog at the ROM

Kate Trgovac has the inside scoop on how a ready-to-launch blog at the Royal Ontario Museum was deep-sixed by the marketing powers that be. It was to have it all. Behind the scenes reports from curators. Advance notice of exclusive events. Insight into the Renaissance...

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Liberal web site roundup v.2.0: focus on the social web

With the departure of several candidates, the field has narrowed – and after last weekend's delegate selection meetings, it could still narrow even further. That may make the choice a little tougher for Liberal delegates, but it sure does make the site roundups...

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Supporting our troops

"You cannot say you are for our military and then not stand behind the things they do," said Harper. (From A 'sea of red' unfolds as troop supporters crowd Parliament Hill)This space welcomes guest blogger The Right Hon. Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada....

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SpeechList moves to Social Signal

SpeechList, my free newsletter about the craft of speechwriting, has officially moved to Social Signal with issue #7. Along with the usual news, tools and practical tips, this issue has a feature article on breaking into speechwriting: Maybe you've written a few...

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How to install Drupal on your Mac in five steps

For more Apple goodness, check out Rob's Noise to Signal cartoons about life as a Mac user! Update: There's a much more thorough (and up-to-date!) tutorial now on, which carries that Drupal imprimatur and also kinda lets me off the hook. Just head over to...

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Bloglines meltdown

According to Bloglines, my online newsfeed aggregator, the 34 bloggers in my list of Canadian blogs have written a prodigious 631 blog posts in the past 8 hours or so. My list of BC bloggers is roughly as long; they've managed to rack up more than a thousand in the...

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