Some people write to politicians because they’re angry and they want to vent. Fair enough – just be aware that venting doesn’t change a whole lot.

But if you want to actually make a difference, then heat isn’t going to help. Passion and conviction, yes, but not fury. When you’re ready to start writing effective letters to politicians, check out Briana Doyle’s superb list of tips.

I especially liked tip #5:

Send it to people who (might) care. CC your MP and at least one Opposition member. Find out if your ‘big issue’ is a special one for a specific MP, either part of their portfolio (in government or Opposition) or part of their pet causes, and include them in your mailout.

I’d add a tip #6: understand what you’re trying to achieve, and what’s likely to get you there. Write letters by all means – but organize in support of them; work with others who feel the same way.

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