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Vancity job opening for a Vancouver communicator

Hey, Vancouver communicators - check out this one-year term position as a communication consultant with Vancity. Oh, and before you apply... think about brushing up your social media resume. And since you're prowling for jobs, read through these job hunting tips from...

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Noise to Signal is a Canadian Blog Awards finalist

Awesome stuff: Noise to Signal has made it to the final round of voting in the Canadian Blog Awards, humour division, smart-ass-doodling category. Do check out the competition before casting your vote. Remember, if there isn't a decisive winner, the Governor General...

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End audio embarrassments on your Mac

At the very end of a post about professional public speaking (more about Tod's public-speaking series of posts soon – they're fantastic, and this one is actually hilarious), Tod Maffin offers a piece of advice that just about every Mac user should take to heart: Mac...

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Looking for me?

Thanks for dropping by. I’m using as my OpenID provider, but you can find a whole lot more Rob at these places:

my personal site
Social Signal, my company
Noise to Signal, my cartoon
my profiles on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Frie…

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Orange you glad I didn’t say Conservative?

That there is my first contribution to The Orange Room, the federal New Democratic Party's remarkable new social media initiative. Go check it out. You'll find user-contributed and user-rated media as well as a kind of crowd-sourced rapid response network and more....

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Regulating online election campaigning

Over on Social Signal, I've blogged about the Quebec chief electoral officer's intention to start applying election spending rules to the web (CBC story here.) Here's the upshot, but if this kind of thing interests you, I hope you'll feel free to comment on the post:...

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Running Firefox 3? Good. Type "about:robots" into the address bar - no "http://', no "www.", just "about.robots". Press "Enter." You won't be sorry. (h/t Ismail.)

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Goodbye, Frances Bula

Frances Bula is leaving the Vancouver Sun – and, more to the point, her blog. It's a big loss for the Sun, and for those who care about Vancouver civic politics: This will be my last post on this Vancouver Sun blog, as I have resigned from the paper. I wanted to...

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