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10 things they do for you on your blog’s 10th anniversary

Tiffany's gives you jade-and-ruby-encrusted "Previous" and "Next" buttons. Comment spammers begin to leave actual Spam™. Six Apart upgrades you to Seven Apart. (Damn... missed out on this by a few months.) You get invited to glitzy, celebrity-packed closed betas....

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Social Change Institute: June 8-12 at Hollyhock

I won't be able to make it this year—and actually, it's been way too long since I've been able to make my way up to Hollyhock—but there's an annual event happening there this June that anyone should consider, if social change is their bag. It's the Social Change...

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What’s the strategy behind your communication vehicle?

Ever feel like you’re working for a firm called Weneda Communications?
You know what I mean. You have an endless stream of people knocking on your office door and saying, “Hey, Weneda Facebook Page.” Or “Weneda blog.” Or “Weneda YouTube channel.”
(At l…

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Social media in 2010: a cartoon year in review

The year that started with Angry Birds and wrapped up with Angry Delicious Users is finally over.
I’ve spent the past week (between meals of turkey leftovers) doodling my cartoon retrospective of the year in social media – and I think I showed tremendo…

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In which I am covered in chalk

I came home today wearing a jacket covered in a substance I haven't had to deal with (professionally, at least) in years: chalkdust. I'd facilitated a day-long session at Simon Fraser University's Harbour Centre campus, a 21-year-old facility (which makes it a puppy...

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Public speaking and speechwriting: the essential guides

(photo of books with text) Leadership communications: the essential guides

Looking for advice on public speaking, speechwriting and leadership communications? Here are some of my most comprehensive posts, on topics that people ask me about most often.

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