This was my speech capping off a wonderful evening of presentations hosted by the IABC/BC. It’s all about embracing regret and seizing opportunity.

A quick speechwriting note: Normally I’m a strong (even harsh) advocate of diving right into what you want to say. But it had been such a terrific range of speakers, offering such amazing, inspirational and often moving advice, that I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to reflect on it.

So I tried something I’ve never done before at this kind of event: an introduction based entirely on the previous hour and a half. I took something from everyone’s presentation (and borrowed from one other event: getting drawn to win a very nice gift basket donated by the folks at Blenz).

I think it worked out pretty nicely. And it was some of the most fun I’ve ever had on stage.

Update: Seattle’s Nancy White has a marvellous and thoughtful take on many of the same themes, and looking more firmly to the future.