Back in April, I got to join a lineup of communications professionals, sharing our experiences and career life lessons at an evening of storytelling hosted by IABC/BC.

The evening surpassed every expectation I had. Each of the presenters spoke with passion and often with real courage; the stories they shared were sometimes painful but always inspiring – and tremendously valuable.

The organizers have been posting each presentation on YouTube. Each one clocks in at around five or six minutes, and they’re well worth watching. (The first three and a trailer are up already, and I’ll be adding new ones to this playlist as they’re posted.)

A big, big thanks to Catherine Ducharme for inviting me. One last lesson I took from the evening: I have to go to more IABC/BC events, because this one was terrific.

P.S. – As the final speaker after a series of powerful talks, I was facing a classic hard-act-to-follow dilemma. I’ll tell you how I tackled it in a separate post, once my talk’s online.