You won’t find anyone much more experienced at speechwriting than Colin Moorhouse, and on September 10, he’s sharing some of his immense store of speechwriting wisdom in a free webinar.

Better yet, he’s tackling one of the most fundamental (yet most-often-forgotten) questions in the field: what does it really mean to engage your audience?

  • Discover why, if speeches don’t engage an audience at some fundamental level, there is no point in giving the speech at all.
  • Learn the six specific elements that make your speech engaging.  They include matters of stage presence, the nature of the event, the language of the speech, and the critical importance of humor and story telling.
  • Discover the questions you should ask the minute you hear the words “We Need A Speech”.
  • Learn other key elements of the speech writing genre – such as finding your speaker’s voice, nailing down messaging, how much research is necessary, and the matter of rehearsing your client.

Book your space here. And let me know how it goes!