CSI: Sesame Street - Brought to you by the letters D O & AOwing to an inadvertent and unfortunate combination of prescription and over-the-counter medications, our TV columnist’s last “Best Picks for Kids This Week” column contained several errors. To clarify:

  • There are no television shows entitled “Real Housewives of Busytown” or “CSI: Sesame Street.”
  • The latest season of “Curious George” did not end on a cliffhanger episode in which George contracts rabies and barricades himself in the cottage with a terrified Allie, concluding with a grief-stricken Man in the Yellow Hat quietly telling Wint Quint to “take the shot.”
  • Martin Kratt did not lick a cane toad. Nor did he activate a creature power suit using Kodiak bear DNA, black out for half an hour, and then come to only to discover Chris missing and the Tortuga awash in gore.
  • The Super Readers are a group of friends and not an elite paramilitary strike team, and there is no impending coup d’état in Storybrook Village. We categorically disavow the opinion that “the power to help” is “a sop thrown to the sheeple to distract them from Whyatt’s naked New World Order ambitions.”
  • Poko‘s ability to create things out of thin air by drawing them with his finger may be viewed as either magic or the product of his vivid child-like imagination. It does not to the best of our knowledge denote affiliation with Satan.
  • There is no “hidden feature on every school bus” that will summon Ms. Frizzle and activate its Magic School Bus capabilities if the emergency exit is opened while the bus is moving at 45 MPH or faster.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

(For more accurate guidance on kids’ TV and other children’s media, may we recommend Common Sense Media?)

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