I was entitled to a $1 discount on any Frappuccino.

And so, with a stupid ass grin plastered on my face, I walked up to the Barista and kindly asked for the frap, with discount, courtesy of the promotion and showed her my phone with the corresponding messaging displayed. She had no idea what I was talking about. Neither did the manager.

David Teicher reports on his experience trying to cash in on his Foursquare Mayor status at his local Starbucks, only to discover the staff and manager had no idea what Foursquare is – let alone that Starbucks was offering one-dollar discounts on frozen coffee drinks to Mayors.

A quick inquiry on Twitter uncovered other instances of Starbuckses (Starbii? Starbae?) where being a Foursquare mayor gets you about the same level of awe-struck deference as announcing you’ve just added a new piglet in FarmVille.

On the other hand, it’s nice to find someone who’s actually a little excited about that $1 deal. I’d thought it was too meagre to get people interested.

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