David Eaves has created a Facebook Group aimed at getting 100,000 Canadians to opt out of receiving those tree-killing, energy-burning, shelf-space-taking-up tomes known as the Yellow Pages.

You get them on your doorstep every year, whether you’ve asked for them or not. They’re possibly the world’s biggest piece of physical spam (in the unsolicited marketing sense).

And for a growing number of people, they’re useless, because an online search is easier, faster and – if you’re using a service like Yelp – social, drawing on recommendations from your personal network.

The only way to stop receiving the Yellow Pages is via their opt-out web service. It only takes a minute, and you’ll be free of them for the next two years. In support of Dave’s campaign, I whipped up this cartoon on my iPhone. Feel free to share and repost (and if you wanted to include a credit to me, that would be ducky).

By the way, if you’re American, that opt-out link won’t work for you… but you may find this list of contact info useful.