Stopping the Presses …

It is never an easy thing to say goodbye, but the time has come to stop the virtual presses at One Degree.  As of today, October 20, 2009 we will no longer be publishing new content. 

We have been delighted to be a part of your online marketing content consumption for the last few years. To share our thinking behind this move, we’ve prepared the following Frequently Anticipated Questions:

Frequently Anticipated Questions

1. What? WHAT?!  But, why?
There are a few key reasons:
The Mercenary One:
Publishing and maintaining a site like One Degree is a lot of work. And it doesn’t generate a lot of revenue. If you compare hours invested to revenue recognized, we actually make less than minimum wage.  And while we see One Degree as a labour of love, even love likes to get taken out for a nice dinner and be able to buy something frilly every now and then.

Just a dinner and something frilly? This is one labour of love that deserved to be taken away for a languid week on the beach, replete with chilled drinks and good trashy novels.

I’ll miss Kate was kind enough to invite me to cartoon there, which gave me a nice regular routine of checking out the latest provocative, informative or inspiring post. One Degree has helped to incubate a growing constellation of voices favouring a fresh new conversational approach to marketing, and we owe Kate and Rosemary (and their predecessors) a real debt.

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