FeedBurner’s this great, free service that lets you dramatically improve the power of your site’s news feed, with everything from promotional tools to customizing tweaks to a very handy statistics package. (Still waiting to see it integrated with Google Analytics, mind you.)

If you’re using it, though, you may have noticed an anomaly: few or no visitors on Sunday, and none today. Maybe you panicked, and started checking to see if your site is down… or is only visible to logged-in users… or, or, or…

Well, good news. At least, relatively good news. It seems that FeedBurner stats are down for more than just you. The FeedBurner help group has at least four reports of outages, and those are probably just the tip of the iceberg. (In my case, I was able to quickly confirm that all was well by checking Google Analytics, and by looking at the raw feed.)

So relax – people can still read your feed. You just may not ever know they did it between June 28 and June 30.

What FeedBurner needs to do, and very soon, is acknowledge publicly and (updated) more prominently that there’s an issue, so users can stop tearing their hair out and put down the virtual monkey wrenches; they don’t need to tinker with their blogs.

(updated) You won’t find it on the main FeedBurner site, but the service maintains a list of known issues and outages at the help group. And the outage is listed there.

And by the way, a quick tip: if you’re ever wondering if others can see your site (or, conversely, if you’re the only one who can’t load a site), just drop by Down For Everyone or Just Me? – really, really simple service that can take a load off your mind.

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