Just checking out Joe Volpe‘s leadership campaign site and found several new things to update.

But there was one interesting twist: for a while this morning, Volpe’s site offered translations into more than just English and French. You’d also find Portuguese, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, German, Italian and Spanish. But unlike every other link on the site, when you moused over the translation links, the destination URL didn’t show up in your status bar. It was masked – and when you did click on a link, the URL was an IP address, not a domain name.

That mystery was solved when I clicked on the French icon (which, incidentally, was a flag of France), and got an error page. It told me little, but it did link to a page of language tools… Google language tools. Apparently, all Volpe’s web team had done was to set the link up to secretly run the page through the Google translator – and then, for reasons unknown, set it up to diguise that fact. A few minutes after I checked the feature out, it had vanished.

Guys, don’t test new features on a live campaign site.