Derek is switching:

[T]he company is offering new ADSL customers a free 2 GB iPod nano for signing up to a three-year term at a monthly rate similar to, or a bit less than, what I’m paying now (two- or one-year terms will get you an iPod shuffle, but I already have one of those). Notice that’s new customers. I phoned up to see what better offer Telus has for existing, loyal customers like me.

Guess what? Nothing.

As he points out, it’s far more expensive to land a new customer than to keep an existing one — a lesson that Telus seems to have forgotten.

They lost us a while ago, and while the switch to Shaw wasn’t completely trouble-free, I haven’t regretted it yet.

Is this just a monopolist’s mentality that hasn’t yet caught up to a competitive marketplace? Or does Telus figure that for most people, the transaction costs of moving to a competitor are enough to keep them loyal?