Waiting isn’t easy…

  • TiVo does a great job of recording and playing video… but when it comes to scheduling the beast, it slows to a crawl. Maybe that’s because it has a processor speed of only 50 MHz, and 32 MB of RAM. Your average gaming console (such as Microsoft’s Xbox) clocks in at more than 10 times that speed.
  • We ordered a hard drive upgrade for our TiVo from WeaKnees, a TiVo upgrade maker. Here’s something worth considering if you’re in Canada and thinking of getting TiVo: folks like these are probably new to the world of shipping outside the U.S., because Canadian TiVo support is still very new. We placed our order weeks ago, and it shipped promptly (on October 23). And then… nothing. Weaknees tells us the US Postal Service accidentally returned it to them, and that it should be in our mailbox soon. We’ll see… and we’ll keep you posted.
  • I installed Google Analytics on my web site yesterday afternoon, with zero difficulty. Google told me I’d start getting stats within 12 hours. It’s coming up to 24 hours, with no sign of data yet. I’m guessing they’re getting hammered with fellow early adopters.

Updated: On Dec. 24th, two months nearly to the day after it shipped for the first time, our order arrived. The fault for the initial delay was ours — two transposed numbers in the address we originally gave them — but it would have been nice if WeaKnees had been better able to update us on the delivery status. That said, installation was very easy (if you’ve ever replaced a computer hard drive, you’ll be able to do this in your sleep) and we’re very happy.