It doesn’t come up every day, but I often have to take a screenshot of a web page. (That is, I have to create an image that reproduces what I’m seeing when I load the page into my browser. It’s like taking a picture of my monitor.)

Problem: lots of web pages are big enough that my browser can’t display the entire page at once. And the screenshot capabilities that come standard with Windows and Mac OS X only capture whatever’s visible in a window at any given moment. So if I want to get a screenshot of the full web page, I have to take a screenshot, scroll down, take another screenshot, scroll down… and then use Photoshop to cut and paste and stitch it all together manually.

As you can appreciate, this is a time-consuming pain.

Today, Derek Miller pointed me to a handy little tool called Paparazzi!. It’s free, it’s simple and — sorry, Wintel fans — it’s Mac-only (click the thumbnail for the full-sized version):

Paparazzi in action

Here’s the owner’s manual: Give Paparazzi a web address, and it spits out an image of the entire web page in the format of your choice. You’re done.

Very, very nice. If you ever have to do this kind of stuff, and you’re on a Mac, go download it.