As Rick Mercer points out, one of the top speechwriting gigs in the country is up for grabs:

The writing fraternity in Canada is abuzz with talk that the Prime Minister’s speechwriter, Scott Feschuck, has decided to vacate his post. This means that for the first time in decades there is an actual job opening for a writer in Canada. Wherever writers gather, be it at book clubs, poetry circles, narcotics anonymous meetings or Margaret Atwood’s house, this subject has dominated all others.

Personally I think this represents a wonderful opportunity not only for professional writers but for all unemployed Canadians.

Unlike most jobs, this one is a cinch to apply for; all letters to the Prime Minster of Canada are postage free.

You might want to hone your skills here.

As I doubt the PMO’s HR people are going to be banging on my door any time soon, I’m happy to pass on the job posting.

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