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Life Cycle of a Dumb Tweet


For whatever reason – not enough food with the wine at dinner, a coup d’état in the brain where the amygdala seizes control, or just a moment of weakness – someone in a position of prominence and authority posts a Dumb Tweet.
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Catch Noise to Signal on Open Source Living

This makes my day.

Open Source Living – a terrific directory of open-source software – ran a blog post a few weeks ago that aimed to capture the essence of open-source culture through 20 cartoons. And two of them were from Noise to Signal.

From the blog post:

Much of the challenge in convincing companies and individuals to adopt OSS lies in demystifying deep-seated stereotypes that have typically framed OSS as an affront to closed source alternatives. It goes something like this…

How could a project run by a geek in his (gender-stereotyping is rife in the OSS world) spare time, updated on an ad-hoc basis, free for all to use and manipulate (even repackage and resell!), housed on a pre-Web 2.0 site, how could this possibly be anything other than a hobby at best?

Ok, I exaggerate, but regardless, these fears and concerns do exist and do contribute to an OSS sub culture; an online currency of jokes and jibes coupled with more serious aspirations to the ideals of OSS. Part of this culture has filtered through to an increasingly wide range of tech-oriented comic strips.

By all means read the post. You’ll find some great cartoons from Scott McCloud, Randall Munroe, Jorge Cham and more. (Pretty cool to have a day when one of your cartoons is bumping up against Scott McCloud’s Google Chrome book.)

P.S. – Yes, I noticed the all-male thing too. I’m sorry to admit that my own tech-cartoonist feeds are woefully short on women; suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

A new home for Noise to Signal

New Noise to Signal site Amigas and amigos, Noise to Signal finally has its very own home. And in lieu of a 55-inch LED TV, there’s a brand new Noise to Signal video front and centre.

And now the details.

I’ve wanted to do this for a long time, and the holidays (plus huge assists from Mike Kelly and Alex) gave me the time I needed to finally put the finishing touches on it. I’ve used the Webcomic plugin for WordPress, which should make it a lot easier to find your favourite cartoons and keep up with the latest ones. (There’s a fair amount I still want to do to polish the site up, but I take to heart the saying that if you launch with your site in perfect shape, you probably waited too long.)

And as a reverse-housewarming present of sorts, I’ve drawn a 2009 social-media-year-in-review… and Alex has turned it into Noise to Signal’s very first kick-ass video. Have a look and let me know what you like.

Now appearing on ReadWriteWeb!

ReadWriteWeb logoA little horn-tooting here, because I’m really excited about this: Noise to Signal, my cartoon about social media, has been picked up by the fine folks at ReadWriteWeb. Here’s editor Richard MacManus’ announcement:

This is courtesy of the wonderful Rob Cottingham of Social Signal. Rob runs a regular cartoon blog called Noise to Signal, in which he puts in graphical form some of the big questions of the social web. We thought we’d trial some of his cartoons here on RWW, especially in the weekend when you may not be in the mood to read long text posts. Let us know what you think.

W00t and FTW, as the cool kids say. (And not just because RWW is just about my favourite source of info on the latest Web 2.0 news; I’ll be working alongside – in the virtual, not-actually-being-there-but-my-pixels-are-next-to-his-pixels sense – Marshall Kirkpatrick, a lead author at RWW, and a friend from past NetSquared and NTEN conferences.)