This makes my day.

Open Source Living – a terrific directory of open-source software – ran a blog post a few weeks ago that aimed to capture the essence of open-source culture through 20 cartoons. And two of them were from Noise to Signal.

From the blog post:

Much of the challenge in convincing companies and individuals to adopt OSS lies in demystifying deep-seated stereotypes that have typically framed OSS as an affront to closed source alternatives. It goes something like this…

How could a project run by a geek in his (gender-stereotyping is rife in the OSS world) spare time, updated on an ad-hoc basis, free for all to use and manipulate (even repackage and resell!), housed on a pre-Web 2.0 site, how could this possibly be anything other than a hobby at best?

Ok, I exaggerate, but regardless, these fears and concerns do exist and do contribute to an OSS sub culture; an online currency of jokes and jibes coupled with more serious aspirations to the ideals of OSS. Part of this culture has filtered through to an increasingly wide range of tech-oriented comic strips.

By all means read the post. You’ll find some great cartoons from Scott McCloud, Randall Munroe, Jorge Cham and more. (Pretty cool to have a day when one of your cartoons is bumping up against Scott McCloud’s Google Chrome book.)

P.S. – Yes, I noticed the all-male thing too. I’m sorry to admit that my own tech-cartoonist feeds are woefully short on women; suggestions would be greatly appreciated!