Die, candy stand at the checkout. Die, die, die.

I’m always ambivalent about using legislation to change behaviour. You have to be smart about it; blanket bans can wind up backfiring. (Memo to self: confirm there’s no legislation banning blankets.)

But my immediate reaction to the proposal in Ontario to ban marketing junk food to kids is pretty unambiguous: go for it.

Nag screen

‘Tis the season and all that, and this time of year I find myself thinking a lot about my parents. This is exactly the sort of thing they’d have said (if my childhood had been, oh, 20 or 30 years later), and it would have driven me CRA-ZEE. Funny thing:...

Oddly, I find this reassuring.

There is no politician more cynical, no con artist more charming, no lobbyist more ingratiating, no general more calculating, no criminal more devious, no advertiser more manipulative… …than a three-year-old trying to avoid...