CPAWS seeks Ottawa web intern

Tell me this isn’t someone’s dream internship:

Our friends (and The Big Wild clients) at the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Committee are looking for an intern to help them make their web, email and social media presence a thing of grace and beauty. If that sounds like someone you know, do pass along the details:

Deadline: March 30, 2010
Start date: May 10, 2010
Length and type: Full-time, for 3 months
Salary: $14/hour
This position will play a role in improving, updating and analyze CPAWS’ web activities.

Responsibilities may include

  • Making updates to CPAWS-managed sites as directed, using our CMS
  • Using public domain image repositories to find appropriate images for projects
  • Coding HTML emails
  • Suggesting ways to improve existing sites
  • Assembling statistics on our email blasts, websites and social media accounts for analysis
  • Organizing and tag images from our collection
  • Using services like Google maps, Twitter, etc. to create interactive tools for our sites
  • Researching and compare online service providers.
  • Working with our chapters to improve their websites
  • Writing and editing text for the web

The complete posting is here.

Rob on what 2010 will bring for social media

I missed passing this along when it first came out, because I didn’t know those nice CBC people had put it on YouTube. It’s their segment on what to expect in 2010 for social media, based on an interview they did with me in their stunning new Vancouver studios.

The key point for me is that I’m finding people are becoming more deliberate and discerning about where they direct their attention, whether it’s in who they friend, what they watch or which applications they install on Facebook. (That doesn’t mean I’ll always agree with the choices they make: witness the rise of FarmVille. [shudder])

And in the background, yes, you’ll see VanTrash on my screen.

Enjoy… and see what you think of how my predictions are turning out one month in.