tl;dr — Come join me at this day-long digital strategy event for nonprofit leaders on June 11 in Vancouver, Canada! I’ll be speaking about how digital transformation often means surprising disruption for nonprofits.

One of my very first projects with Social Signal (the company I co-founded with my wife, Alexandra Samuel) was NetSquared: a ground-breaking melding of a face-to-face conference with online community. That first conference in 2006, convened by TechSoup (then known as CompuMentor) brought together nonprofit changemakers and technologists to talk about “remixing the web for social change.”

A dozen years later, NetSquared has become a worldwide network of groups hosting events in more than 60 cities from Nairobi to San Salvador, still with that same focus of harnessing technology and community for social change.

And supporting that network is Vancouver’s own Elijah van der Giessen, who also happens to be pulling together The Digital Nonprofit, an annual one-day online-strategy conference for nonprofit leaders.

I’m delighted to be speaking in the afternoon, with a presentation titled “Crash report, or ‘Sorry for breaking your nonprofit'”:

Digital transformation sure sounds like fun… the same way bathroom renovations do. Then you start finding black mold and structural damage, and before you know it your place is stripped down to the studs and you’re booking a three-month stay in a Motel 6. Rob kicks off the afternoon with a bracing look at what we’ve let ourselves in for — as well as the surprising upsides of disruption.

I’m part of a terrific program with a great lineup of leading nonprofit digital strategy experts from the Pacific Northwest, including:

I hope you’ll join us! You can find more information about the speakers and agenda here, and get your tickets here.