Big news: Noise to Signal is going to be one of the exhibitors at the Vancouver Comic Arts Festival next weekend, May 23-24 at Yaletown’s Roundhouse. I’ll have prints, stickers and other goodies for sale, so swing on by!

The festival is the best thing ever. The panel sessions are great, the exhibitors are tremendously varied, and the whole thing is free. Not free-to-get-onto-the-exhibit-floor-but-you-pay-extra-for-the-good-stuff free, but actually free. It’s welcoming to kids, while offering lots of more mature content.

If the draft floor map holds true, I’ll be sharing the table with Nikkie and Cameron Woo and Alex Steacy. They’re talented folks and I’m looking forward to talking with them. You can find us at table H2:

VanCAF floor map - table H2

I can’t wait. Really. Six more sleeps.