Lauren BaconI’m going to plug a friend’s services here because a) they’re terrific, b) she’s terrific and c) I think she can help you be more terrific.

Some of the most valuable conversations I’ve ever had have been with Lauren Bacon. She’s a superb listener, offers excellent advice and is relentlessly curious about the world.

Looking back on it, most of that advice didn’t come with a period at the end. Lauren has a gift for asking questions (that’s the curiousity coming into play) — and she’s put it to work helping a lot of people: leaders, creative professionals, companies and non-profits.

And now maybe you. Her newly relaunched website has a wide range of offerings, including the short-but-profoundly-useful e-book Curious for a Living and its free companion workbook, Essential Questions for Purposeful Projects.

Curious for a Living coverLauren also teaches entrepreneurial courses at and offers one-on-one business coaching that doesn’t stop at revenue and conversions, but helps you align your work with your most fundamental personal goals.

And if you do nothing else, check out her free newsletter. Nearly every issue offers a curiosity experiment: a few probing questions that can yield surprising answers about yourself and your relationship to your work.

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