I’m flying back from the Nonprofit Technology Conference (it was a great time – more on that soon) and we leveled off a few minutes ago.

So I thought I’d try something. I usually sketch in those minutes between the flight crew saying “Turn off your mobile devices! They are tools of the devil! Yes, you in 24A, I do mean you!” and that sweet moment when they permit us to go back to our productively wired lives (“Buh-CAAWWWWW!” “Oink, oink, oink.”).

Looking at my sketchbook just now, I wondered: could I post all of those sketches using only my iPhone?

It looks very much like the answer is yes… up to the posting part, which will have to wait ’til I’m on the ground. I’m drawing with my trust Pigma Micron (05, if you’re wondering, and if you are, then I love you for it) using JotNot Pro to capture the cartoon and convert it to nice, sharp black and white; SketchBook Mobile to add my URL, and the iOS WordPress app to compose the text and queue up the images.)

About the cartoons, a disclaimer or two:

  • I love Bellingham. It’s just that our pilot sounded awfully depressed on the intercom on that flight.
  • I have never brought a rack-mounted server array onto a plane. They make me check it Every. Time.
  • I think flight attendants work harder than nearly anyone I know. Yeah, airlines are treating passengers like cattle that happen to have credit cards… but that isn’t the fault of the flight crew. Don’t take it out on them, okay, Mr. Guy Several Rows Up From Me A Few Flights Ago ?