(two kids at a lemonade stand) Of course, the ultimate goal is to get acquired.For years now, ReadWriteWeb has been a go-to news source for all of us who follow the social web. Launched in April 2003, RWW has chronicled the high-speed rise and fall of great social platforms and little startups; they’ve broken big stories like Google Circles; and since the summer of 2007, they’ve run my cartoon every week.

And this morning, this news from RWW head honcho Richard MacManus:

I’m thrilled to announce that ReadWriteWeb has been acquired by SAY Media, a digital publishing company headquartered in San Francisco. ReadWriteWeb will anchor SAY Media’s growing Technology channel, which reaches more than 75 million global consumers each month.

ReadWriteWeb is going to get bigger and even better. Our plans include widening ReadWriteWeb’s editorial scope and expanding our team. That starts from today, with the addition of SplatF‘s Dan Frommer to our team as an editor-at-large. We will also be doing a re-design, utilizing the sophisticated designers at SAY Media. With SAY’s technology and services, we’ll be able to scale ReadWriteWeb in ways previously unavailable to us. So I’m very excited about our team joining SAY Media. We’re going to take ReadWriteWeb to the next level!

I’d suggest this is Richard’s big reward, and that he’ll now retire and go live on an island somewhere, except:

Congratulations to Richard and the whole ReadWriteWeb team.