All the Penmachine Faces

Photo by Derek Miller. Used under a Creative Commons license

One of the reasons Noise to Signal exists, and has a Creative Commons license on the cartoons you find here, is the inspiration of Burnaby blogger, musician and father Derek K. Miller. (You may know him as Penmachine.) Derek died yesterday, his battle with cancer finally ending.

I first heard Derek speak on a panel at Northern Voice 2005, and was struck by his intelligence, integrity and humanity. I started reading his blog back then, and never stopped.

Soon I discovered his library of music, all of it published with an open license and free for the downloading. I used his music for a convention video, one of my cartoon retrospectives… and for just plain listening pleasure.

When I launched Noise to Signal, I knew in theory I wanted to use an open license. But it required a leap of faith… and Derek’s example helped me make that leap.

So if you’ve enjoyed Noise to Signal over the past few years, please give a thought to Derek and his family today. Read the #welovederek hashtag, and maybe add your thoughts, too. And remember a generous, creative and lovely man.