See that cartoon? Does it seem to be missing a certain, I don’t know, something… something your brain is already trying to invent for it?

Excellent. Because it’s time to have some fun… and maybe win a little something for your desk (or cubicle/home office/area of the sewing table that isn’t currently being used for sewing).

The fine folks at Strutta – a Vancouver-based contest platform – called me up to see if I’d like to run a caption contest using their Facebook product. In return, I’ll blog about my experience (warts and all*).

To enter, just suggest a caption (over on the N2S Facebook Page). And if yours tickles me the most, you win:

  • a signed print of this cartoon with your caption on it
  • and a signed print of any cartoon you like from the Noise to Signal oeuvre
  • and a mug of your choice from the Noise to Signal store.

That’s two prints and a mug – easily enough to render the most sterile and unpleasant working space downright livable.

So enter away! The contest runs through May 25th, and I’ll announce the winner soon afterward. Head over here to enter.

* Side effects of Strutta do not include actual warts.