1. Tiffany’s gives you jade-and-ruby-encrusted “Previous” and “Next” buttons.
  2. Comment spammers begin to leave actual Spam™.
  3. Six Apart upgrades you to Seven Apart. (Damn… missed out on this by a few months.)
  4. You get invited to glitzy, celebrity-packed closed betas.
  5. Twitter quietly bumps you to 141 characters.
  6. A CSS pseudo-class is named in your honour.
  7. You get congratulatory noogies from your choice of two bloggers from the Technorati 100.
  8. You get to do a TED Talk about anything. Really, anything: Beanie Babies, lint traps, how that last burrito is sitting… whatever you want. And everyone has to clap.
  9. Your monthly maximum-number-of-cat-posts-until-people-desert-you-in-droves is raised to three.
  10. Slashdot formally requests that you give them a half-hour’s heads-up before linking to them, so they can prepare for the traffic.

Happy birthday, little blog.

Updated: Now I just have to install these:

Jewel-encrusted Previous and Next buttons