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The bottom line: Chances are you’re looking for the cartoon. It’s over here.

The second-to-bottom line: You can follow Noise to Signal on Twitter and on Facebook.

The background: I’ve been drawing Noise to Signal since 2007, and cartooning at ReadWriteWeb since 2008. (One of the things I love about this business is the fact that, despite the fact that ReadWriteWeb and Mashable are competitors, they link to each other – and each other’s contributors – without apparent hesitation.) Much of the drive to joke about social media comes from the fact that I work in it professionally, as one of the two principals of social media strategy firm Social Signal.

The venal pitch: You can support the rise and expansion of the Noise to Signal empire by buying things.

The immense gratitude: Many thanks to Mashable’s Amy-Mae Elliott… both for including N2S in her roundup (and making it the featured image, he added shamelessly), and for introducing me to a few great cartoons I hadn’t been known about. If you haven’t read her post, please do: it’s right here.

And then check out the other four cartoons: Tony Gigov’s twitter nonsense, the ever-popular Geek and Poke, my online pal Andrew Fowler, aka Guhmshoo, and Andrew Jones’ Status: This. (Update: And Dharmesh Shaw’s cartoons on the HubSpot blog; they’re the special bonus cartoon in the list – sorry I missed them!)