Twitter’s relatively new Lists feature can be a handy way of teasing a melody out of the cacophony of incoming tweets, as well as compiling a collection of worthwhile voices on a particular subject.

But it has some frustrating limitations. You can’t create more than 20 lists. There’s no function to combine lists, and managing list entries is only slightly less difficult than if you’d chiselled them into marble.

And – wha’a? Twitter doesn’t offer RSS feeds for them.

Crazy, right? True, they offer a widget, but if you want to style incoming tweets, or parse them in some cool and innovative way, you’re twit out of luck.

Or you would be… if not for the kind offices of Alex Kessinger, who created a simple web app called Twitter Lists 2 RSS. Copy the URL for any Twitter list, paste it into a field on the app, and with one click, you get an RSS feed.

He’s @voidfiles on Twitter. Give him a quick thanks if you find it useful.