A friend of mine writes:

I’m very excited to share I have a chapter in the new O’Reilly Media book Open Government (US Link & CDN Link). I’ve just been told that the book has just come back from the printers and can now be ordered.

Also exciting is that a sample of the book (pictured left) that includes the first 8 chapters can be downloaded as a PDF for free.

One of the smartest people I know has a chapter in the new O’Reilly book on open government.

The upside: he’s in smashing (and well-deserved) company, the book looks fascinating and the timing couldn’t be better.

The downside: no animal cover! Okay, so there’s a lovely shot of a cupola from some legislature or other. But why not some animal that conveys social behaviour, openness of information and networked awareness?

An ant? A bee? A Borg-ified ant-bee hybrid? Suggestions?

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