Alexandra Samuel has chalked up some impressive firsts.

With her husband Rob Cottingham she launched Vancouver’s first social media firm back when Twitter was something birds did, not humans.

More recently, she and Cottingham astounded traditional knowledge-based businesses by giving away the keys to the shop — open sourcing all their trade secrets and lucrative and long-built consulting tools.

And this week Samuel announced she is taking up a post as director of the new Centre for Moving Interaction at Emily Carr University of the Emily Carr University of Art+Design.

I couldn’t be more excited about Alex’s new position (you can read about how excited she is here!) – and not just because it gives me an excuse to stroll around Emily Carr’s fascinating campus more often. This brings together so many strands in Alex’s astonishingly varied skein of skills, knowledge and talents that I can’t wait to see how it unfolds.

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